VIP Rewards Program FAQ

VIP Rewards Program

What is the Doogaji VIP Rewards Program?

The Program is Doogaji’s customer loyalty program where you can earn Hyoong Bae for purchases, actions and referrals that can be redeemed for rewards.

How do I participate?

Joining is easy! Just click the Create Account button to get started. Once you're registered with our store, you'll have the opportunity to take part in all of the exciting ways we currently offer to earn Hyoong Bae!

Create Your Account

What are Hyoong Bae?

The Program’s unit of measure is the 흉배 (Hyoong Bae) - the embroidered patches on a hanbok, the traditional and ceremonial dress of Korea. These elements traditionally conveyed social status, political or military rank, etc. They can be located on the chest, back or shoulders. Now they are more of a style element on a hanbok, but can often convey meaning and a relationship to Korean history. We thought it was the perfect symbol of status for our program. Our characters - Joohee, Taemin, Minji and Soojin - they all have Hyoong Bae symbols. You can see them on many products where they are featured.

The Program also has a special Hyoong Bae symbol all its own, which we will use across the Program’s communications and rewards. It is patterned after the 무궁화 (mugunghwa), the immortal flower…

Where is the program located on the website?

You can access the Program by clicking on the ‘Earn Rewards’ tab at the bottom of the browser window. A popup will appear with everything you need.

How can I earn Hyoong Bae?

You can earn Hyoong Bae by participating in any of our innovative promotions! Simply click on the 'Earn Rewards' tab to view and take part in our current opportunities. In addition, make sure to check back often, as we're adding great new ways for you to earn Hyoong Bae all the time!

What can I redeem my Hyoong Bae for?

Glad you asked! We want to make it easy and fun to redeem your hard-earned Hyoong Bae. Simply visit the ‘Get Rewards' portion of the popup to view all of our great reward options.

How do I redeem my Hyoong Bae?

Exchanging your Hyoong Bae for great rewards couldn't be easier! Once you know what reward you want (and have enough Hyoong Bae for it), visit the ‘Get Rewards' portion of the popup to view all of our great reward options. Choose the reward you want, then click the 'Redeem' button to redeem your reward. You will receive your coupon code right then, and also by email, and that amount of Hyoong Bae will be removed from your account. Add a qualifying product to your shopping cart and then apply the coupon code at checkout.

Can I use more than one code per order?

No, our e-commerce system only allows a customer to use one code per transaction. However, if you have enough Hyoong Bae and want to, for example, redeem Hyoong Bae for both a backpack and free shipping on your order, send us a message via our Contact Us page page and we'll can work with you to make that happen.

How do I check my Hyoong Bae balance?

Simply click on the 'Earn Rewards' tab to display the Rewards Program popup. Your up-to-date Hyoong Bae balance is always displayed at the top of this popup.

What if I click the 'Redeem' button by mistake?

If you clicked the 'Redeem' button on one of our rewards but it was a mistake, or maybe you changed your mind, you can send us a message using our Contact Us page. Use the same email address you used for the rewards program and we will work with you to refund the Hyoong Bae back into your account.

I have enough Hyoong Bae in my account, but the current rewards offerings have nothing I like. What can I do?

We always try to offer a variety of rewards so this doesn’t happen, but if it does, we want to know about it! Use our Contact Us page to tell us what you would like and we will do our best to create it for you.

I'm very close to earning a reward. Can I buy extra Hyoong Bae to get there?

We currently require you to have enough Hyoong Bae to redeem any of the awards you see listed on the 'Get Rewards' portion of the popup.

Does it cost anything to join the Program and begin earning Hyoong Bae?

Absolutely not! Sign up is 100% free.

Do I have to enroll or register in individual promotions?

Once you create your account, you're all set – we don't require you to register for individual promotions in order to be eligible. Just fulfill the requirements of a promotion, and we'll post the Hyoong Bae to your account immediately!

How long will it take for Hyoong Bae to post to my account?

You should receive Hyoong Bae in your account instantly once you complete a promotion!

Can I return or exchange rewards I have redeemed?

Unfortunately, rewards may not be returned or exchanged for Hyoong Bae, cash, for another for-sale product on the website, or an different reward.

What happens to my Hyoong Bae if I return a purchased product?

When you return an item, you lose the associated credit you originally earned by buying the item in the first place. Sound kind of confusing? Let's take an example: let's say you had previously spent $50 towards a 'spend $100, earn 500 Hyoong Bae' promotion, and you decide to buy a $20 item, which bumps you up to $70. If you decide to return that item, your progress would also go back down to $50 – it's just like you hadn't bought the item in the first place.

Do my Hyoong Bae ever expire?

It’s our hope that you redeem your Hyoong Bae on a regular basis, however your Hyoong Bae will never expire.

Can I transfer my Hyoong Bae to someone else?

Sorry, the Hyoong Bae you have earned are yours alone and are non-transferrable.

How do I opt out of the Program?

If you no longer want to be part of the program, you can send us a message using our Contact Us page. Any Hyoong Bae balance your account has will be deleted and cannot be redeemed for any value.

Help, there is some technical issue with my account.

If, for any reason there is an issue with your account, you can send us a message using our Contact Us page. We will do our best to resolve the issue quickly for you.

How do I contact Doogaji if I have questions about the VIP Rewards Program?

Our team is ready and waiting to answer your questions about our rewards program! Just send us a message via our Contact Us page and we'll be in touch.