Authentic Korean American characters for kids and families.

Our Story


As parents, we read to our children all the time—it's one of the best things we do with them.

The books we love are multicultural, vibrant, and diverse. However, as we shopped for new titles, especially ones with Korean American characters, we were disappointed by what we found.

No problem, we thought, we can just create them ourselves!

We spoke to other Korean American parents and found that they also feel the same way we do. They want authentic characters their children can relate to and stories that will help them learn and grow.

This is why we created Doogaji.

Doogaji is a consumer goods brand and children’s book publishing company, featuring Korean-American children’s characters. Our main characters—three 5-year-old girls who are the best of friends—embody the diversity of experiences that multicultural children can have growing up in the U.S.

We create stories that give young girls an opportunity to see themselves as strong protagonists. We hope boys can be inspired by our characters and learn with them.

Doogaji’s products can also be used as bilingual teaching tools to learn about Korean-American culture.

What’s in a Name?

Doogaji (두가지) means two things or two branches of a tree in Korean. We chose this name because we aim to celebrate and embrace the diverse identities of Korean American children and families. We wanted to honor and appreciate the many groups our children belong to, whether it’s Korean and American, two different races, or two different religions. We all have many dualities that influence who we are. One graphic element we really love is the taegeuk from the Korean flag. It symbolizes the harmonious unity of different parts in its most recognizable form.

Join us as we create the world of Joohee, a 5-year-old biracial Korean American girl.

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