The Year of the Dog Collection

The Year of the Dog Collection

Happy New Year from Neibul!

Neibul is Joohee’s most loyal companion. He’s a Siberian Husky / Korean Jindo mix. He is just a puppy, but is already showing traits of honesty, leadership, and of course, loyalty.

Two Designs

2018 is the Year of the Dog, and Joohee’s dog Neibul is our star! We have two designs:

  • Neibul and His Bokjumeoni - design features Neibul with his 복주머니 (bokjumeoni) bag, giving you a bit of luck.
  • Neibul Square - design features Neibul's cute face, 福 (bok) for luck and 무술년 (musulnyeon) for Year of the Dog.

Have a great new year in 2018. Woof!

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