Women's March on NYC

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Women's March on NYC

Doogaji marched in the Women’s March on NYC with our close friends Minji, Carol, and Keitha. It was especially meaningful to participate with Minji and Carol, our real-life friends who are the inspirations for our Minji and Soojin characters (Soojin is Carol’s Korean name).

Held a day after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, our march was in solidarity with the main Women’s March on Washington and the 673 marches around the world. Over 4.5 million women, men, and children gathered in cities across the US and across the world to march for women’s rights, reproductive rights and women’s health, LGBTQIA rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, religious freedom, environmental justice, and anything else that is threatened by Trump and his administration.

Unexpected Turnout of Passionate Marchers

In New York City, over 400,000 people marched peacefully from Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the United Nations building to Trump Tower. The official route couldn’t accommodate the astounding number of marchers, and we ended up overtaking the midtown crosstown streets to 5th Avenue. We joined a group on East 49th Street headed to 5th Avenue.

When we got to 5th Avenue, we marched with women and men, of all ages and color, with their creative homemade signs. Our signs voiced our beliefs and principles: “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” “Strong Women raise strong girls,” and “I will build kindness, not walls.”

Church bells rang in support of us as we slowly made our way to Trump Tower. It was especially touching and heartening to see groups of mothers and their young daughters wearing pink, knitted pussyhats, handmade for this march to represent women’s rights.

It was probably the first time that these young girls were participating in a march, and it was inspiring to see them stand up for their rights. At the same time, it is shameful that they have to march for their basic human rights as young girls. As one of my friends said, we march so that our daughters don’t have to in the future.

Our Commitment

It was very important for us at Doogaji to participate in this national and international movement for women’s rights. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our children to do our part in protecting everyone’s rights to live full and healthy lives, no matter who they are. Doogaji is committed to engage in this national dialogue as conscientious Korean Americans and parents.

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