Thanksgiving Day

Joohee Taemin

Thanksgiving Day

Family, friends, and food are at the heart of Thanksgiving.

Our plans at Doogaji include cooking and then visiting with newly married friends. It is their first Thanksgiving as a family. Our halmoni is visiting us, we are all lucky to celebrate with her as well.

When we celebrated Chuseok in September, certain foods were key. Thanksgiving’s foods recall a good harvest - like pumpkin pie, turkey full of stuffing, or cranberry sauce - each are hearty and earthy and fill the belly. We will create a good meal full of traditional American Thanksgiving dishes to compliment our Korean ones.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that embodies some of the ideals of this country - sharing, inclusion, family, and thankfulness for what we have. America often fails to live up to those ideals, but aspiring to them shouldn’t be forgotten just because we fail. This is partly why we have created Doogaji - there is a great opportunity to create and share stories that will help us all learn and embody these ideals more fully as individuals, as families, and as citizens.

Let's make a more perfect union, starting today.

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