Songpyeon on Chuseok

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Songpyeon on Chuseok

추석 송편

The beautifully shaped songpyeon holds good fortune both for those who eat it and for those who make it.

Turning the dough from the circle of the moon to a filled half-moon, recalls the dynasty of Silla, and their good fortunes in battles fought long ago. We can take a bit of that good fortune as we eat, discovering maybe sesame seeds, cinnamon, pine nuts chestnuts, or honey. Honey is by far our favorite, providing good health for the coming year.

If you are patient and want to make your own songpyeon, it might be worth it. Legend has it that if you make them well, and you are single, you will soon meet a good spouse. If you are already married, then a beautiful baby will be yours. Here are two recipes to try:

In the end, we should eat songpyeon with family on Chuseok. Stopping our busy lives and being together is actually what gives us our good fortune. But it is nice to have something tasty to make everyone smile too.

Happy Chuseok!

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