Potato Hearts for Valentine’s Day


Potato Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Joohee wanted to give
handmade Valentine’s Day cards
to her friends and family.

She wanted to show everyone
how much she loved them
and cared for them.

She thought and thought
of how she wanted to design
her special Valentine’s Day cards.

Aha! She had a great idea.

Joohee remembered
she made a stamp
with a potato at school.

She asked her daddy for help.
He was really good
at art projects.

Daddy asked Joohee
to draw on paper
her special Valentine’s Day design.

While Joohee drew,
Daddy looked for the perfect potato
in the kitchen.

When Joohee finished her design,
Daddy cut out the shapes
on the potato.

They got some paint
and card paper
and stamped and stamped.

Tada! She loved the results.

To thank Daddy for all his help,
Joohee wrote a special message
and gave him the first card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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