Play Hide and Seek in Korean

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Play Hide and Seek in Korean

As summer lingers happily on, and we go to the park over and over, one might be looking for new things to try, or maybe add a new twist to a familiar game.

숨바꼭질 - Hide and Seek

We all know how to play, but we can turn the game in a learning experience too. Research shows that the best way to learn language is to associate words with experiences. And this is exactly what we can do if we count to 10 in Korean while we play hide and seek.

Here are the numbers, then in Korean, and with their transliteration:

  • 1 - 하나 - hana
  • 2 - - dul
  • 3 - - set
  • 4 - - net
  • 5 - 다섯 - daseot
  • 6 - 여섯 - yeoseot
  • 7 - 일곱 - ilgop
  • 8 - 여덟 - yeodeol
  • 9 - 아홉 - ahop
  • 10 - - yeol

As with anything new it takes a little practice, and encouragement is important. Maybe start with 1-3, or just 1 and 10, to get into the spirit of trying and remembering. Then next time add a number or two.

Of course, don’t forget to find a good hiding place!

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