Merry Christmas 2017

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Merry Christmas 2017

Dreaming of Snow for Christmas

My youth was filled
with many ideas
placed into my mind by the adults around me.
It is THE dream!
To wake up to Christmas snow…

The year passes,
school and responsibilities have ended,
I can now think about what is most important.
But what is that?
It is snow, that dream of dreams!

The news says maybe
about the chance we have.
They show me what has happened in the past—a history of the joy of others.
I care for none of that.
This year is all that matters to me. We live in the present I say!

Christmas eve is ending and it’s time for bed, but
there is nothing yet.
Cold air and thick clouds blanket the sky, I look one last time to see something, to hope for anything.
Do I need to sleep?
Can’t I just wait up forever for that first flake to appear?

I lay in bed, wondering
what is happening out there?
My eyes slowly close but my mind races—it can’t help but turn over and over.
Maybe it won’t snow.
I need to prepare myself for the disappointment.


I wake with the light!
The world is white!
Yes, yes yes! I knew it I say! I blush, since I know that isn’t true.
The happiness is great,
but then my mind begins to think: I wonder if it will snow next year too?


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