Happy Korean American Day 2017

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Happy Korean American Day 2017

Celebrating the day in 1903 when the first group of Koreans came to America.

2017 is the 114th anniversary of the first Koreans coming to the America. As Doogaji celebrates Korean American Day, we reflect on the diversity of what it means to be Korean American.

Over 114 years, many generations of Korean Americans have helped shape America to what it is today - influencing cultural styles, foods, ideals, and more. Now more than ever, the definition of what it means to be Korean American is at its widest point. The concept of inclusion of all who recognize themselves as Korean American is what makes the community its strongest. Korean Americans may be mixed race, adopted, recent immigrants, or born and raised here through generations without ever setting foot in Korea. The possible traits are endless.

The collective Korean American story started with a group of 103 people arriving to work in the Hawaiian sugar plantations in 1903. Today, there are over a million Korean Americans with their personal stories and journeys… Our journey at Doogaji is just one of these stories, and we hope you come with us.

If you want to see, listen, or read about many more Korean American stories, check out the awesome organization KoreanAmericanStory.org. Take some time today and listen to one or two stories, especially ones in the Legacy Project.

Search #KoreanAmericanDay on social media for more.

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