The International Day of Peace


The International Day of Peace

A dove with an olive branch...

The United Nations International Day of Peace calls for the laying down of arms and create safe places for people to live and be safe.

It’s a global effort, one that will take a re-imagining of priorities within societies worldwide. We all need to make sure that each and every person feels safe, that the weakest among us are given protections first, and that we use our resources to benefit everyone, not just the very few.

However, peace starts with you, one person at a time. One of the most powerful things to foster this is knowing we all have some multicultural heritage. Here in the U.S., almost all of us came from someplace else. Maybe your ancestors came from Germany, or Brazil, maybe Senegal, or Korea. Maybe your family tree reaches back to all four of these places.

At Doogaji, our dream is to create a world that leads by this example. We value diversity, multiculturalism and sharing of cultures to appreciate the similarities we all have, and respecting our differences that help us all learn and grow.

Seeing positive examples can help families and children to recognize and appreciate who they are. We hope to be a part of this conversation.

We hope for peace. #DayOfPeace

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