Happy Parent’s Day

Christopher Taemin

Happy Parent’s Day

Parenting is an awesome responsibility.

Families can come in all shapes and sizes, but you are either a parent or you are not.

As a new parent, I imagine teaching my son many things - catching a ball, building with blocks, or setting up a train. Later as he grows I want to teach him about money, responsibility, fairness and respect. With his mother, I want to give him his cultures - Korean and Polish, from an American perspective.

I am lucky, I have a loving wife who is supportive and works hard for our son, just like Taemin and Joohee’s parents, Christopher and Miyoung. I don’t take that for granted and I don’t need any medals.

We should instead celebrate the parents who are on their own, who are balancing all the different things that life throws at you, who keep the lights on, food on the table - all by themselves.

So from Doogaji - Happy Parents’ Day, for all the parents that need a moment. This is a hard job, but it's fulfilling, and the responsibility gives satisfaction. This I’ve learned so far…


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