Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween

What is the best Halloween costume? A tiger, of course!

Halloween is a wonderful mix of traditions that spans across cultures and times. The mix comes from Christians who still celebrate saints (they used to be called hallows), from ancient pagan rituals of the harvest and turning towards winter, and from other cultures who remember their ancestors, honoring the dead with offerings or iconography.

Trick-or-treating and wearing costumes as a fun activity for children (and yes, even parents) have their roots in the remembrance of ancestors. By dressing up as the dead or as supernatural beings, and begging for food or coins - now mostly candy - through the village or neighborhood, you keep their memory alive and receive gifts to offer them in the afterlife.

Today, choosing a costume can be tricky. Who do you want to be for one night? There are many traditional costumes - witches, princesses, superheroes, ghosts, or even animals. You get to take on the spirit of that person or thing, scaring or treating your friends or family.

If you choose to be an animal, the tiger is a great choice. In Korean culture, tigers are sacred creatures that help drive away evil spirits and bring good luck.

A tiger - a creature that is full of power, but uses it for good. That’s a fantastic spirit to take on for a night!

해피 할로윈!

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