Happy First Day of Spring!


Happy First Day of Spring!

Ah, with spring the days are getting longer, and hopefully warmer.

Who doesn’t love spring? It offers new beginnings, the birds return, blossoms really begin to shine out there in the parks. A wonderful spring flower is the forsythia (개나리). The bushes come alive in yellow before they have any leaves. It’s gives off a hint of warmth that you can feel as you walk past.

The forsythia branch is also important for the ajaeng (아쟁), a Korean instrument. Its silk strings are traditionally rubbed with a slender stick of forsythia wood rather than a typical bow.

Joohee has been waiting all winter for today. The plan is to go explore Central Park in New York City with her Dad to find some forsythia bushes, then head to Koreatown for some bibimbap.


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