Happy Father’s Day

Doogaji Visits

Happy Father’s Day

At Doogaji, we are in year two of our family. Our son is now 18 months old, growing every day, and always learning new things.

We recently visited two of our parents, just my son and me. It was a special trip to have an extended visit with our son’s grandmother and grandfather. Especially with my father Jack though. This is his first grandson (he has two granddaughters).

Our visit sparked a book idea, one that will celebrate both fathers and grandfathers alike, and all they can teach and share.

I love my father, and his excitement to spend time and teach our son new things, and to guide me in many ways as a young father myself. He is a great grandfather now, and has been a great father all these years. I can’t say enough what he means to me.

This new book will come out for next Father’s Day, to celebrate this one and our wonderful visit.

Jack, we love you!

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