Goodbye to Daylight Savings Time


Goodbye to Daylight Savings Time

What did you do with your extra hour today?

A Brief History Lesson

The practice of daylight saving time was adopted by countries in the northern and southern hemispheres so that people would have longer daylight hours in the evenings during the warmer months. In the US, the federal standards were established in the late 1960s. The idea was that people could enjoy more leisure time, reduce their lighting and heating bills, and be safe in the streets—from traffic to crime.

“Winter is Coming”

Colder weather and shorter days are clear signs that winter is getting closer. As the sun sets earlier and earlier, it makes us want to get in bed earlier and earlier. I get why animals hibernate in winter—the weather is perfect for snuggling! That’s what we did with our extra hour today. We hope you enjoyed yours!

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