Doogaji featured on

Doogaji Visits Korean American Culture

Doogaji featured on

We had a wonderful opportunity to be featured on, a nonprofit organization that aims to capture and preserve the stories of the Korean American Experience. Theresa Choh-Lee and HJ Lee, founders of, work tirelessly with their team to “support and promote the creation of art in all media that explores and reflects the ever-evolving Korean American Story.” Their website is a portal to rich first-person narratives, essays, interviews, and short films, and we were honored to be a part of this community of Korean-American voices.

One of the reasons we love is for its inclusiveness. There are many who identify as Korean American, including those who may be biracial, multiethnic, and adopted, and embraces this diversity in Korean Americans. Doogaji’s story is unique on in that our focus is on instilling confidence and pride in our children’s bicultural identities.

You can listen to our interview with Ik Hwan Rim and Jihye Ryu, hosts of 기분좋은 밤 (Pleasant Night) on Korean Radio Broadcasting (KRB 87.7 FM) in its entirety. Most of the interview is in Korean with some English answers and translation.

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