Doogaji at the Steuben Parade

Doogaji at the Steuben Parade

At Doogaji, we are Korean American, but we are a few other things too.

Our son is 50% Korean. Our family is why we started Doogaji in the first place—to celebrate that side of his and our family's heritage. But he is also parts Polish, English, and German. They are obviously rich and diverse cultures with long histories and traditions.

I unfortunately never had much knowledge of these parts of myself—my family has been in the US for generations, and as time passes and efforts of assimilation succeed, we all step farther and farther from those original roots. I know some holiday and religious traditions and some wonderful foods, but not much else.

  • At the Steuben Parade

  • Two well-dressed parade participants.

  • Miss German American on her float.

  • Our son waving his German flag, enjoying the bagpipers.

  • Another band walking up 5th Avenue.

  • A German heritage and cultural organization with members from many generations.

  • The Noble Ninth - the Ninth Manhattan Masonic District float

  • Mummers band performers from Philadelphia, PA

It was nice to see this year’s Steuben Parade marching up 5th Avenue in New York. We were given a German flag, and soon after an American flag, to wave at the floats, marchers, fire trucks, and bands. Our son didn’t want to leave. He was waving and waving those flags, loving the sounds, the uniforms, and the proud smiles of the marchers.

I am happy we created Doogaji. My distance from the German part of myself is not something we want for our son for his Korean side. Life is much more interesting when you have many layers to share with others and to appreciate yourself.

So today - wir sind Deutsch und Koreanisch!

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