Dear Son, Welcome to Year Two!


Dear Son, Welcome to Year Two!

We celebrated our son turning 2 years old.

Yesterday morning, I ran around preparing for our son’s birthday party in the afternoon at daycare. I got strawberries, one of his favorite fruits, and vanilla and chocolate mini cupcakes for his party. Amidst the preparations, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how fast time was passing. It only felt like yesterday that I gave birth to this amazing little being.

Our son started holding up his head really early on, and he’s always been a keen observer of his surroundings. His agility has continued to improve since he began walking at 11 months, and he loves to be active on the playground or playing on the grass with a ball. He loves to laugh and has an adorable, infectious giggle that makes it almost impossible to keep a straight face when we’re trying to teach him a serious lesson.

He is a social and talkative child, ready to befriend another kid or adult wherever we go. Among the many remarkable qualities of his that we are grateful for, we feel truly blessed that our son has a happy disposition. He is bright and fun-loving, and easily brings a smile to the faces of all those he meets.

We have witnessed many important milestones for our son to become the person he is today. And in between those milestones, he has been growing and changing in subtle but significant ways every day. We are reminded every day of why we started Doogaji as he inspires us to be the best we can be—as parents, as artists, as role models. He has changed us from his conception when we started our journey and learned to grow as a family.

Happy birthday! We love you so much!

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