Daeboreum (대보름) 2017

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Daeboreum (대보름) 2017

Eat ohgokbap (오곡밥) on Daeboreum (대보름)!

Koreans celebrate the first full moon after the lunar new year and call it Daeboreum (대보름). It means “great full moon.” The moon is believed to be the biggest and brightest of the year. Koreans practice many customs and rituals on this day to bring good fortune and health in the new year.

One of the customs is to crack the shells of nuts (부럼), like walnuts, peanuts, and chestnuts, with your teeth (부럼깨기). It’s believed to prevent skin boils and keep your teeth healthy through the year.

Another custom is to eat ohgokbap (오곡밥), which means “five-grain rice.” It is made with rice, millet, sorghum, red beans, and soybeans. People believed that eating ohgokbap chases away bad luck and is a prayer for good health.

Joohee loves to eat ohgokbap on Daeboreum because it’s similar to her favorite rice! Do you know what it is? Find out when you read Joohee’s Favorite Rice!

Happy Daeboreum everyone! We wish you good fortune and health!

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