An End of Summer Reflection

Joohee Thoughts

An End of Summer Reflection

Even though summer is our favorite season, all is not lost!

When we look back at the summer of 2017, I can confidently say we have accomplished a lot here at Doogaji.

Joohee's Favorite Rice!

For starters, Joohee’s Favorite Rice!  is now fully available. The reviews from many parents are insightful, encouraging, and make us feel all warm inside. Your ideas will surely help us as we develop our next two books, which are being designed right now.

VIP Rewards Program

We have also started a VIP Rewards Program, that offers discounts and exclusive opportunities. If you register (create a store account) you will join our mailing list and earn 200 Hyung Bae (200 흉배) - the name of our reward points - to start. There are also many other opportunities to earn by joining us on social media, rewards for purchases, your child’s birthday, etc.

New Products

For fall, we are creating some new accessory products featuring all of our characters, which should be ready and available later this month. We will have bags, shoes, clothing, home goods, etc.

Fall is coming...

The summer was busy, but I think the fall will probably be even more so. When that happens, it is always good to take time out. As the leaves go from green, to orange, then red, go for a walk in the park with your kids and read them a book or two. Collect some of the fallen leaves, talk to them about the seasons, and what they can accomplished this fall. We’ll create some fun activities like some jongi jeopgi leaves, some activity pages for outside, etc. Be on the lookout...

Actually, now I think we can’t wait for fall to come. See you there!

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