71st National Liberation Day of Korea

71st National Liberation Day of Korea

National Liberation Day is actually a worldwide day of remembrance.

It’s the day that fighting ceased in the Pacific in World War II. Korea was liberated, and within a few weeks, the treaties for peace were signed.

In Korea, Liberation Day is called 광복절, or ‘the day the light returned'. Truly.

So this day is special to both Koreans and Americans alike and of course to the rest of the world.

This year, the Korean flag, or Taegukgi holds a special place in festivities in Korea, symbolizing the people’s love towards their country.

A floral version of the national flag measuring 5 x 7 meters has been erected in downtown Seoul, created with more than 9,000 flowers.

Korean-Americans are indeed home, but in some ways, they are also far from home. There is a piece of us in both lands. Korea and the world have come a long way in 71 years. Let's look forward to another 71 and beyond.

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