The 4th of July

Joohee Minji Soojin Taemin

The 4th of July

Fireworks on the 4th!

Fireworks are probably the biggest symbol of the 4th. We all probably have many many memories of them, from when we were children, visiting parts of the US for the 4th on a long weekend, or introducing our children to the tradition.

They should feel very American since they were a part of the first Independence Day in 1777. Yet they are a Chinese invention.

America has so many examples like this - where we become more than what we are when we take in ideas and people from anywhere and everywhere. When more are included, we are simply a better nation.

And we should never forget that while we are all American, we all have an ethnic identity no matter what we look like, or when our families came here.

We hope that America will continue to be a place that welcomes new people. What might they add to the 4th of July traditions?

It’s worth finding out.

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